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Stoes and Outlets

Eastern National operates educational bookstore and museum outlets that provide educational and interpretive products to visitors in over 150 national parks and other public trusts from Maine to the Caribbean. The net proceeds from the sales generated at these outlets provide direct donations to the National Park Service and other public trusts.

store counterThe products sold at Eastern National bookstores are a combination of Eastern National-produced items and merchandise purchased through outside vendors, including books, reproductions, apparel, and collectibles. All products sold in Eastern National retail outlets are evaluated by National Park Service interpreters for historical accuracy, quality, and relevance to park themes. Strict standards are maintained to ensure we offer the finest quality products that will enhance visitors’ experiences. As a cooperating association, Eastern National sells only products that the National Park Service has approved. A list of the retail locations where Eastern National operates may be found on the locations page.

Jamestown Glasshouse

GlassblowerIn 1954, the ruins of long-abandoned glass furnaces were discovered in Jamestown, Virginia. Many years later, an operating 17th century-style glasshouse was reconstructed near the ruins. Today, this site has become an interpretive glassblowing facility operated by Eastern National, at Colonial National Historical Park. Modern-day artisans dressed in colonial glassblowing garb produce masterful pieces of glass, much as the colonists did almost 400 years ago. These handcrafted pieces are available for sale to visitors to the glasshouse and through its e-commerce website.


Eastern National produces many site specific and service wide products annually, such as books, brochures, maps, and other material used to aid the interpretive mission of our partners. These products stand apart from publications of traditional publishers because Eastern National collaborates directly with park interpreters and historians to produce educational materials which fit the specific needs of a park.